Breho Boxers

Am/Can Ch. Breho I Bee Blazin, DOM "Lizzee"
AKC: WP84051901      Sex: Female       Color: Brindle       DOB: 03/14/1998       DOD: 06/20/2008
Owners: Brenda Stuckey & Terri Galle     Breeder: Brenda Stuckey

2000 ABC National
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Heart of American Boxer Club -- BOB
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2000 ABC National
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She's gone from this life that awarded her beauty and intelligence and loyalty with a disease that slowly began to cripple her for the last year of her life ... She still ruled this place with dignity and a little help from her son Shiner ... until this, her last day.... She still patrolled her fence line and dared any squirrel to pass ... She was so very tired ... She gave me the look that needs no translation ... She gave me the look that would break my heart.

She was the only one in her litter from BeeBee ... I think Bee knew exactly what I wanted and she gave me that precious girl ... BeeBee and Blazer created such a special life.

She was a winner in the ring and in her everyday life. There was no doubt who ruled the boys here ... her only concession being to honor her dam unconditionally until she left this life and passed the job of loving us on down a generation.

She was beautiful in the ring with Terri ... I was so very proud of her ... So proud of what they were together ... so proud of the special bond between them in the ring and out.

She gave me breathtakingly beautiful babies, earning a Dam of Merit award for herself ... her six champions are still bringing pleasure to their owners to this day, each one being extra special, having their dam's inner beauty.

She took over loving me from BeeBee and kept me sane while I grieved for that heart dog. I have her youngest daughter here with her grandpuppies to keep me sane this time ... do not ever believe that you have only ONE heart dog, it is not the truth ... they manage to pass your heart from one generation to the next, leaving you to love the ones that are here and the ones that are to come, and to grieve for the lost ones until the time you can join them.

She had such a short 10 years ... so little time for us to pay back the love given. I can still see her as a very young spirit, running around the yard with her rubber toy fish in her mouth..daring the others to touch it ... they never had the nerve.

She left this life gently by the hands of her vet that held her as a newborn, as he held her fresh from her dam's womb, and passed her to me to love for the rest of her life.... I did not want to have to pass that life back to him ... I did not want to give her up ... but she asked me to, and the only other thing she had ever asked for was my love and a lot of cookies.

I know as she passed from this life, she passed into a better one with her rear legs regaining their strength, as she ran to BeeBee and Easy in the other realm ... go swiftly, my precious Lizzee, knowing you take my love with you ... I will honor your life by loving the ones you left me, remembering you as I see them mature and hoping they have your wonderful heart and ability to love ... I will miss you for the rest of my life ...

Arrived into my hands March 14, 1998        Departed by request June 20, 2008
God Speed, My Sweetheart ...

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11/20/1999 -- Fort Bend KC, BOS/BOW

02/26/2000 -- Brazoria KC, BOS

04/22/2000 -- Shreveport KC, BOB

04/23/2000 -- Tyler Texas KC, BOB

04/29/2000 -- Tri-State KC, BOB

08/06/2000 -- Palm Valley KC, BOB

08/13/2000 -- Cypress Creek KC, BOB

08/26/2000 -- Topeka KC, BOB

08/27/2000 -- Heart of America Boxer Club, BOB